The M44 Anti-Personnel grenade(M44 AP) is the standard-issue hand grenade of the Human Republic Defense Force. The weapon is colloquially known as the "frag.". Unlike most HRDF equipment, the M44 is produced by Yaken-Grova Weapon Systems.

Design Details Edit

The designation AP (anti-personnel) means that the weapon is designed to be effective against infantry and lightly armored vehicles. AP FRAG can be viewed on the Halo: Combat Evolved M9's olive casing. AP designates "anti-personnel", indicating the weapon's intended use.

The grenade has a hard, frangible metal casing. The casing houses a charge of 200 grams of tritronium high-explosive fitted with a mechanical primer. When the charge detonates, it shatters the grenade's casing, sending shrapnel flying away at high velocity.