During the last two years of the Human-Shey war, Danube Battleships took over as the mainstay of the Human Navy. It was retired ten years later, in 2377. Even so, the CIA kept a few around for covert missions, and older fleets that didn't have enough funding still kept the quite reliable ship.

Technical specificationsEdit

The Danube-class, like the other ship-of-the-lines in the Human Navy, was made directly by the HR instead of by a private company. Each Danube ship was around five kilometers long. During its time, the Danube was nearly invincible. The shields were based on reverse engineered Shey technology. Because the Danube was built to go head to head with the strongest ships of the Shey Confederacy, her shields could easily take around twelve of the 700 gigaton broadsides of Shey Battleships. The hull, made of the super material Rosite , could take about twenty teratons before being destroyed. The ship's primary armament  was a single Hydrex-2b cannon on the bow (those kept into the 25th dentury recieved the upgrade to Hydrex-3b). Fifty Maser guns on each side of the ship made up its secondary armament. The tertiary armament was 300 point defense Rachneed Plasma turrets , 150 on each side of the ship. Her Quarteneray armament consisted of 500 Hyperion Mk-2 Missiles  .The ship was powered by a Cetza Fusion reactor, which put out nearly fifteen Petawatts per hour. As well as being five kilometers long, the ship was half a kilometer tall, and four hundred kilometers wide. The ship had a compliment of 3,000 Marines, six hundred White Hawk Dropships, and a thousand ATLAS's. Captains of the ship could also place orders for special munitions. Because it had a quite large supply bay, the ship could accomodate quite a few Manticore tanks. The engine unit used on the ships was a Supertech Impulse drive. The Warp drive was a model-2 Rayden Warp drive, with speeds of 2,000 lightyears per hour.