A.I's have been in use by Humanity since 2089. They are essential to everything in human society. They regulate cities, monitor the financial status of companies, they can even pilot entire fleets.


As of 2150, all A,I's and other computer systems used by governmental agencies, use molecular computing instead of silicon microchips. It wasn't until 2370 that all of humanity finally made the conversion from silicon to molecular computing. Thoe building block of the moleclar computers is an organic compound known as 2,3-dichloro-5,6-dicyano-p-benzoquinone . There are two types of A.I's The standard "smart" A.I, which is capable of thinking for itself, as a human can. L.A.I's, or "dumb" A.I's are the other type. 

"Smart" A.I'sEdit

A.I's are used for just about everything, from people's personal lives, to city management, to scientific research, and even in military conflicts. A.I's see the most widespread use in the military, particularly the Navy, where they usually command entire ships, if not flotillas, battlegroups or fleets. A.I's and Humans alike think of the presence of Human crews onboard ships as little more than a courtesy, as A.I's are perfectly capable of coordinating fleet movements, even during a battle, with little to no flaws. At the same time, Human pilots, captains, and admirals are generally reluctant to hand control of the ship over to A.I's except in cases of dire need. Many extremely powerful A.I's capable of computing transcomputational problems within a day, had been developed by Humanity by 2390. Silicon based A.I's had a lifespan of around 20-30 years, before they became unfit for service. A.I's running on molecular computing technology have a much longer lifespan of 75-100 years. Personal A.I's were only as powerful as the strongest computers of the 21st century. A.I's in commisioned by the govvernment were extremely powerful, especially those involved with military operations. The most powerful A.I system to date is Athena, which can easily match the processing power of just about every A.I and L.A.I currently in service.

"Dumb" L.A.I'sEdit

"Dumb" A.I's, or L.A.I's as they are referred to officially, or Limited Artificial Intelligences. They are in charge of relatively simple operations, like overseeing base security, or acting as a secretary. L.A.I's are extremely common in the day to day life of anyone.